806 E Brookwood Dr, Valdosta, Georgia Sold

  • $42,500
  • 3 beds
  • 1 baths
  • 930 sqft


Nestled in the heart of Valdosta, Georgia, sits a promising property awaiting transformation. This 3-bedroom, 1-bathroom house exudes a sense of opportunity, presenting a canvas for an ambitious renovation.

Upon arrival, the exterior showcases a charming structure with a classic Southern appeal. The facade, though weathered and in need of care, retains its underlying architectural charm. The spacious front yard holds promise for landscaping improvements, offering potential for an inviting curb appeal.

Stepping inside, the interior reveals a layout ready for a complete overhaul. The current state of the property presents an opportunity for a full gutting and remodel, allowing for a complete reimagining of the space. The living areas, though in disrepair, boast generous dimensions and an open concept, providing a blank slate for modern design concepts.


The kitchen, while outdated, holds the promise of becoming the heart of the home once revitalized. With ample space for expansion and customization, envision contemporary appliances, sleek cabinetry, and a functional layout enhancing the space’s functionality and aesthetics.


The three bedrooms, though currently lacking in allure, offer substantial square footage and the potential for personalized touches. The shared bathroom, in need of renovation, offers the chance to create a spa-like oasis with updated fixtures and modern finishes.


With its ideal location, ample space, and the promise of a stunning transformation, this property presents an exceptional investment opportunity, offering the potential for significant returns on investment once the renovations are complete. The potential value increase post-remodeling could substantially surpass the initial investment, making this property a compelling prospect for those with a vision for transformation and a keen eye for real estate opportunities in Valdosta, Georgia.

806 E Brookwood Dr
Valdosta, Georgia 32601
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